IRS Free File

IRS Free File

IRS Free File

The Internal Revenue Service allows taxpayers to handle their tax duties electronically for free. Not everyone is eligible to free file through IRS Free File though.

If you’re earning up to a certain amount, you may not be able to file for free. Not only you can file a federal income tax return for free upon checking your eligibility but also fill out tax documents such as Forms 1099.

Those who earn less than $69,000 can file all the tax forms they need with IRS Free File including Forms 1099. Same as filing these tax forms with any tax software, you can print out copies to furnish the individuals and businesses you need. Also, if your income is above $69,000, you still may be able to file tax forms for free. Check the options the IRS offers from here.

Others with an income below $69,000 can start to fill out tax forms from here.

Not sure whether or not you’re eligible to free file? Click here to see your eligibility to file tax forms for free. On the eligibility checker tool, you will be required to enter your age, estimated AGI, state of residency, whether or not you’re eligible for earned income tax credit or received any military pay. You can also include your state if you need to electronically file a state return.

While you can file any tax form you want on IRS Free File, you won’t find all of them there. IRS Free File only offers federal tax forms. If there are state tax forms you need to file, you won’t find them on IRS Free File anyways. To file state tax forms for free, you may want to visit your state’s tax website. However, you may be eligible to file a state income tax return through IRS Free File.

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